Rising Latino Duo LD & Jhoni Are About to Change the Game

The Latin music scene is about to get blown away by two young artists – LD & Jhoni. A musical collaboration unlike anything we’ve yet to see is breaking the rules with their unique fusion of salsa, reggaeton, and R&B. Both from the Dominican Republic, LD & Jhoni were making music at a young age.

Jhoni began singing at the ripe age of 5 and started making his own music at 10. He was influenced by the Beatles, Michael Jackson along with Antonio Solis and all of the classic Latin artists. LD started writing songs around 10, as well, and similarly created his own music to follow suit of his original lyrics. Inspired by his family, LD says his father comes from a musical background playing the guitar. “I grew up watching it and was inspired. He’s my biggest inspiration. I grew up with that love of making music – even my grandfather was a singer and my uncle is a bass player.”

With music engrained in their souls and deep in their roots, LD & Jhoni are determined to preserve the classics and add a modern twist to it. Jhoni explains, “we don’t choose one genre. Music is music and if you look at artists like Michael Jackson or some of the greats, you notice they have a trend of not choosing one kind of music.” This in mind, they certainly have a solid understanding of the formula for creating a classic. Artists today can quickly get lost in conforming to an unoriginal sound, but when you listen to LD & Jhoni you’re immediately captivated not only by their smooth and soulful voices, but by the fact that they exhibit an inconceivable amount of passion in their performances.

Treating me to an impromptu performance of their current single, “Mi Sueno” immediately won me over as a permanent fan!

Jhoni stresses the importance of sticking to their Latino roots when it comes to making new music, “we want to maintain those rhythms, that percussion, that brass, and all of the things that make the classics and add a modern twist to it. We make music for everyone.” So what is it that both LD & Jhoni contribute to the team? LD confirms, “we have both musical and urban – Jhoni has more of the R&B and English sound and I’m more Latin sazon and salsa.”

When destiny works – it works at its finest. The duo prove such when they were introduced 7 years ago through a mutual friend. “We’re always writing, calling each other and making music together. It’s a blessing to say that you have someone you can work with on a regular to make music with,” says Jhoni, “When we come together as LD & Jhoni, it’s unexplainable – the musical chemistry that happens.”

t’s clear that the two work nonstop. Touring the country with Juanes and Juan Luis Guerra with their first show kicking off in Boston this Sunday with Romeo Santos, the two have already performed in major venues such as the Barclays Center in Brooklyn (they were the first Latin artists to ever perform here). Noting the opportunity to open up for such Latin music legends as their “biggest achievement”. “We’re not the kind that sit around – everyday we’re constantly thinking of what we can do next to reinvent ourselves,” Jhoni explains – something incredibly important for an artist that wonders what the formula to success is.

If you’re looking to find the perfect partner when creating, take notes ladies and gentleman. This collective is truly unique – Jhoni being the eccentric motivator with an undying drive and LD being the chill, more relaxed guy. They seem to be the perfect balance. LD says, “the balance that our team has is a blessing. There’s always a place where we can find ourselves and just keep going.”

LD & Jhoni want to remind their growing audience:  “We feel we’re taking what has already been done, building upon it, and keep the roots – we’re not doing what’s hip or what’s easier. We’re trying to bring back good music – the classics. The elements that brings you up and takes you back down with the different emotions within one record.” Their dream collaboration would be with Juan Luis Guerra and with their tour with the Dominican legend, it’s clear they are well on their way to achieving this goal.

If you’re not convinced that this team should immediately be downloaded unto your iPhones, check out their videos on and download their app on your Apple or Samsung devices! Clearly, these guys have thought of everything – I wouldn’t sleep on this fresh, young duo as they’re bound to make headlines and takeover the country with their unstoppable mindset. Their next single is soon to be released – a bachata song titled “Entre Bien Y Mal”. Jhoni explains it as a “darker feel where LD and I are arguing in it. It’s a battle between man and conscious.”

LD & Jhoni are “something new, something fresh, and something to look forward to.”

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